by Nekkar

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Peacewalker Not perfect, but very enjoyable Doom Death. The saxophone is a very interesting feature, though it could maybe be used in a slightly better way. A promising band. Favorite track: Bridge.
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The first Nekkar album.
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
To be released in physical form on April 25th 2013.


released April 6, 2013

All music, lyrics and artwork by Nekkar.

Recorded and Mixed at Esoteron Studios by George Emmanuel.
Mastering at Basement Studios by Chris.



all rights reserved


Nekkar Athens, Greece

The band formed in 2011. Our first album will be released on April 25th, 2013.
Nekkar are Giannis(Guitars/Vocals),
and Efthimis(Drums).

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Track Name: This Ordeal
Feeling the sun down on my face like fire.
I long for rain, yearning desire.
This mental drought renders me lethargic.
Oblivious to life. Left to starve.
This ordeal is my punishment.
Cursed to deny all my suffering for you.
No sign of virtue or depravity.
Sitting numb confounded by your lies.
As I drown in apathy, all I see is your face.
Behind this shameless smile
I hide contempt and regret for my actions.
The shadows of the past
veil my slumbering dreams and hide your face, myself.
As I drown in apathy, all I see is your face.
Behind your shameless smile you hide remorse.
Loathe and destruction.
I know that I am to blame.
But for the deeds I've done.
I only shrive myself.
Track Name: Uncomfortable Silence (feat. Sakis Tolis)
The blinding glare is the escape
from your fake promises.
My shield is apathy,
my purpose is to break the chains.
I'm not looking for a savior,
redemption is to see the sun with naked eyes.
You hide in the shadows
fearing to reveal your lies.
Worried because I wasn't like you.
Look at your dirty soul, not my diversity.
My silence is the punishment of your ambitions.
Your interest is like the dust on my grave.
You buried me alive but you didn't know
that I was already dead.
Run into the woods to find a peaceful place
away from your misery. Waiting for the sunlight.
Track Name: Bridge
I will never be unbound,
from that wretched day of ours.
Each memory a scar on my face.
I left you alone. Without a choice.
I didn't ask for this fatal day.
In a blurry path I search for you.
A faded light, just a single sign.
Give me a chance to reclaim myself long lost.
A touch, a feel of your breath.
Tell me one word and I will atone.
A question with no response.
Dissolution is the bane of my existence
I curse this day that drove this soul apart.
I cannot feel you.
A why I seek, scared to find you.
Sick of living like this without my other half.
Tell me what brought us here.
Track Name: Distorted Birth
It cuts me deep.
Inflames my mind.
Purifies, my haggard flesh.
Surrounded by those dreary eyes,
cascading, I am. Deep into deceit I drown.
Stare upon my downfall,
my diseased, repulsive face.
Witness my anguish. This distorted birth.
Through darkness I arise, now, born anew.
This hell of desperation, is my domain.
Surrounded by those dreary eyes,
at peace with my fate I stand.
A paragon of life, a paradigm in death.
Track Name: Solemn Mind
Fall like the rain upon me.
Release me from this horrid being.
One touch and I'll be free again.
One move and I shall rest eternally.
This motionless body corrupts my restless mind.
What does life worth?
My raging mind barred inside this shattered body.
What more to live?
Hear me as I cry for help.
Hear my solemn wish.
Forgive me friends for I am weak.
Just end my life and let me sleep.
Who gave you this power to deny me death?
What soul, so sick, keeps me in this state of disgust?
My pain exceeds your distress. My life means nothing anymore.
You are dead to me now. Let me die at ease. Set me free.
This motionless body corrupts my restless mind.
What does life worth?
My dreams are dead inside this shattered body.
One move, one touch. My end